Hours of Operation We are open seven days a week. Monday-Saturday: 11 a.m. - 7 p.m. Sunday: Noon - 5 p.m.
Location Vista Ridge Mall, Lower Level 2401 Stemmons Freeway Lewisville, TX 75067
Music City Mall at Vista Ridge Lower level 2401 Stemmons Freeway Lewisville, TX 75067
Rules, Terms and Conditions of Visiting
At   The   Charming   Cat   Corner,   we   have   the   space   and   features   to   manage   up   to   30   people   at   a   time.   You   do   not   need   a   reservation   to visit,   but   for   groups,   see   Parties   and   Events .   We   ask   that   you   wear   clothing   that   would   be   proper   for   a   visit   with   animals   that   are   likely to   sit   in   your   lap   or   walk   up   your   leg   for   attention.   Most   of   our   cats   are   not   declawed   so   the   occasional   scratch   as   they   interact   with you is not uncommon. When   you   visit,   you   are   renting   time   and   space   to   be   with   the   kitties,   even   if   it’s   just   to   watch   them   nap,   and   they   do   a   lot   of   that.      Our admission   fee   is   based   on   two   allotments   of   time,   which   you   may   extend.   The   admission   fee   for   30   minutes   is   $7.50.   For   one   hour,   it is   $10.50.   Included   in   your   admission   is   a   coupon   to   one   of   the   food   court   vendors. Ask   for   one.   You   may   use   your   coupon   right   away and bring your food and beverage into The Charming Cat Corner. Or you may use it later, after your visit. Also, we offer gift cards good for admission or merchandise. Please ask about them for your friends and family.
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All visitors 18 and older must sign our Notice of Release of Liability. For any child 17 or younger, a parent or guardian must sign this form. You may sign this form and pay the admission online, or you may do so when you visit, remaining with your children for the duration of the visit. You may not sign the form for any child who is not your legal responsibility. That child’s parent or guardian must sign. If you will not be accompanying your minor children on the visit, you must sign and submit the form online and designate an individual you authorize to supervise your children. If this authorized individual is a relative, that person must be at least 16. If this authorized person is not a relative, that person must be at least 18. This authorized individual must remain with your children for the duration of the visit. In addition, identification will be required and verified. Be advised that no more than two children eight or younger may be on the premises at the same time. Please use the following link to complete the form and book the visit online: Notice of Release of Liability form and online booking.
Notice of Release of Liability By entering The Charming Cat Corner, you accept full responsibility for any injuries or damages to you and/or your minor children  and/or any personal property which may result from your visit and agree to waive any claim that you might have now or in the future against The Charming Cat Café LLC and its shareholders, directors, officers, representatives, employees, volunteers, and agents for any injuries or damages you may suffer while visiting The Charming Cat Corner. THE CHARMING CAT CORNER RULES Wash your hands at the wash station provided. Do not pick up the cats without supervision. Do not pull a cat’s tail. Do not stand on the furniture. Do not climb the cat trees, the walk-abouts, or other furniture or features. Do not to touch the wheel or fountains. Keep your children at arm’s length and watched at all times. Supervise them closely. Ask which sleeping cats are okay to pet. Please keep cats off tables when food is present. Do not make loud noises in the cat lounge areas. Do not use flash photography. Do not feed the cats. When your visit includes children, we require one adult for every two children under the age of 15. Only parents or guardians may sign for a child under the age of 18. Be advised that rooms are monitored and recorded. In addition, we livestream some areas. You accept that you will be on camera and recorded during your visit. These rules will be strictly enforced for the tranquility of the cats and visitors. If you or anyone in your party fails to comply or otherwise disrupts the cats or other visitors, we have no choice but to ask you to leave. There will be no refund. When you schedule your visit online, you may cancel your visit and receive a refund up until one hour before your scheduled visit.