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Painting With a Twist With Kitties is a two-hour fun adventure that includes creativity, music, art, fun, and cats. It’s a great time to get together, enjoy kitty antics, and create a painting that you can take home. D&D is a three-hour gaming session of fantasy and adventure led by a Dungeon Master.  You get to express your bold and venturesome imagination with other cat lovers, all focused on your game mission and objectives while a bunch of kitties hang out with you.  Yoga Meow is a 90-minute interlude of yoga with cats. Yoga is all about being deep in the moment, and that’s something cats know a lot about. They love yoga mats. They love experiencing the humans coming down to eye level with them, and they so enjoy being the center of the action. Please book your session online. To find out more, call us at 972-315-CATS (2287).  
Cats   are   such   an   inspiration   in   life.   They   teach   us   how   to   nap, how   to   properly   blink,   how   to   sulk,   how   to   stretch   (yoga),   and how    to    critique.    Yes,    come    join    us    once    again    for    some painting so the cats can critique your work. It's   Painting   With   a   Twist    With   Kitties,   and   our   next   session   is set   for   November   14 .   Come   join   other   cat   lovers   to   create your own masterpiece and take it home to treasure forever. Please   join   us    on   that   day   from   6:00-8:00   p.m.    for   this   session of   creativity   with   kitties   and   other   cat   lovers,   all   for   only   $37 plus   a   $5   admission   fee   to   cover   two   hours   of   kitty   playtime and    painting    time.        Come    early    to    take    advantage    of    this reduced admission fee. Purrs and meows are on the house! Reserve your seat at the painting table!
Yoga   and   cats   --   what   a   combination!   Join   us   for   Yoga   Meow . Immerse    yourself    in    the    physical,    spiritual,    and    emotional motions   of   experiencing   your   body   and   mind…and   the   kitty next   to   you,   under   you,   or   atop   you.   They   like   getting   involved. Let   Yoga   Instructor   Jayne   awaken   you   to   the   rewards   of   yoga.     We    restart    Yoga    Meow    at    9:30    to    11:00    a.m    Saturday January 25, 2020 .  It’s only $25! Reserve   your   spot   now .   Although   there   may   be   a   few   mats available, if you have your own, please bring it.  Meowmaste!
Dungeons   and   Dragons    at   The   Charming   Cat   Corner!   The next   session   is   Sunday   October   27   from   1:00   to   4:00   p.m .   with Dungeon   Master   Joan   Besch.      This   Sunday   kicks   off   the   first session    of    the    new    story    arc    “The    Eidenburugh    Campaign,” which    runs    once    a    month.    Another    story    arc    continues    in November -- “The Crystal Guard,” also running once a month. We   can   seat   up   to   10   people   in   one   of   our   rooms.   Each   game lasts   about   three   hours.   The   cost   for   the   D&D   session   is   only $8,   which   covers   your   three-hour   session   plus   any   extra   time you   want   to   play   with   the   cats.   If   you   bring   friends   who   are   not playing,   the   normal   admission   fees   of   $7   for   30   minutes   and   $10 for an hour apply to them. Reserve your seat at the game table now!