T he   Charming   Cat   Cafe   came   to   fruition   through   the   labor,   guidance,   and visions of Bev Freed Bev   has   filled   many   niches   throughout   her   career.   With   a   medical   education   in technology,   she   worked   in   laboratory   medicine   until   she   took   on   the   task   of operating   a   small   research   lab   for   a   major   teaching   hospital   in   Pittsburgh. Returning   to   the   university   for   additional   education,   she   earned   two   more degrees;    one    in    archaeology    and    chemistry    and    the    other    in    media communications and journalism. By    the    time    she    founded    Kitty    Save,    a    501(c)3    nonprofit    animal    welfare organization,   she   had   come   to   a   career   in   web   technologies   and   applied   all her education to advancing Kitty Save and nurturing its kitties. A   member   of   the   Cat   Writers Association,   Bev   is   also   a   breast   cancer   survivor and welcomes her sisters in pink.
Cathy   King   Lutes    uses   her   project   management,   governance,   and   accounting   skills   to   keep   The   Charming   Cat Corner   on   course.   She   applies   her   technical   skills   to   maintain   the   camera,   sales,   and   operations   systems.   She   also uses her wit and ingenuity to dress up for Halloween and portray herself. Originally   from   California,   Cathy   has   been   a   long-time   foster   for   Kitty   Save   in   the   Dallas   area,   rescuing   cats   and   kittens from   shelters,   tending   to   their   needs,   playing   with   them,   and   presenting   them   for   adoption.   She’s   certainly   adept   at wrangling   cats,   a   valuable   skill   that   she   applies   in   her   professional   life   as   she   manages   multiple   projects   and application development teams, mostly made up of nerds and other techies.
Cathy showing Bev how her business works…good stuff to know!
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Cathy at home