The Charming Cat Cafe evolved as a natural progression after 15   years   of   fostering   cats,   maintaining   an   in-store   adoption center,   and   conducting   regular   adoption   events.   Eventually, our   founder   and   owner   noticed   one   consistent   pattern:   Many cats   at   adoption      events   were   often   stressed,   even   when   they resided within the in-store adoption centers. They   were   removed   from   the   comfort   of   their   foster   homes, placed   into   carriers,   taken   on   road   trips,   inserted   into   cages on   tables   in   the   middle   of   a   store   with   bright   lights,   barking dogs    and    other    noise,    and    people    milling    about    trying    to interact    with    them.    Often,    their    personalities    would    simply collapse    as    the    adoption    team    would    try    to    convince    a potential    adopter    that    the    cat    hiding    under    the    blanket growling   and   hissing   was   really   a   sweet   cat.   Then   the   stress of   the   day   would   make   some   of   them   sick.   There   had   to   be   a better way.
It   took   nearly   24   months   to   research,   plan,   meet   officials,   and collect    financing,    but    when    the    lease    was    signed,    that preparation    condensed    down    into    three    weeks    of    furious activity   to   build   out   the   space,   decorate,   spend   all   that   money, install   systems,   and   place   the   cats   into   their   new   home.   Also, because   it   made   no   sense   to   serve   food   and   beverages   with   a food   court   nearby,   we   used   a   new   name   “The   Charming   Cat Corner”   in   the   mall.      We   finally   opened   on   December   05,   2015 to    enthusiastic    visitors    who    found    a    relaxing    environment where   they   could   enjoy   the   company   of   cats   and   maybe   take one home. And the cats are so happy!
Why   not   place   them   in   a   public   foster   setting   where   people   could   come   visit   them?   With   the   success   and   growth   of   cat cafes around the world, it just made sense to follow that pattern.
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