Entrance and Lobby
Our   front   entrance   is   unique   to   the   mall.   For one   thing,   we   don’t   have   the   typical   wide open   store   entry   that   can   be   locked   by   a drop-down   gate.   We   installed   a   double-door entrance.   Not   only   that,   we   added   a   second set    of    doors    and    side    panels    to    create    a vestibule.
This    vestibule    serves    as    an airlock    to    trap    any    cat    that makes   it   through   the   first   set   of doors.   In   addition,   we   installed a   motion   sensor   that   rings   at the      reception      desk      when anything     moves     within     the vestibule.
Visitors    are    lined    up    at the     reception     desk     to check   in   and   visit   with   all the kitties.
One   of   our   kitties   is   just chilling    in    the    cat    tree behind      the      reception desk,   looking   out   to   the mall corridor.
Our   lobby   features   two   magnificent   cat   trees custom-built by the folks at A Fantasy Forest .
One    of    our    kitties    is snoozing   away   at   the top     of     one     of     the lobby cat trees.
With    our    location    in    the mall,      we      often      notice shoppers    strolling    by    our windows      then      stopping suddenly   the   instant   they see   a   cat…like:   Did   I   just see a cat? We   have   a   small   area   set aside   in   the   lobby   for   cats to    play    and    lounge    and watch    the    people    watch them.    We    think    they    like the attention!
Common Room
The   kitties   enjoy   the   people   outside and     often     head-butt     the     glass windows   to   give   that   little   bonk   of love.
Our    Common    Room    serves    as    a    central focal   point   for   access   to   the   other   rooms and   features   of   The   Charming   Cat   Cafe.      It contains   two   bistro   table   sets   where   people can      lunch      with      the      kitties,      plus      a comfortable   seating   area,   merchandise,   and various features for the kitties.
We   request   our   visitors   to   always   wash   up   at   our   handwashing station before engaging the kitties in playtime and cuddles.
Not   only   do   we   carry cat   toys,   we   also   offer a   great   assortment   of gifts     for     cat     lovers. These      small      books and    the    St.    Gertrude prints   are   just   a   few   of them. Kitties   love   to   climb,   so we   added   an   array   of cat     trees     they     can climb and lounge in.
We   built   a   kitty   walk-about   over   two   doorways.   Kitties   can   leap   onto the   walk-about   from   one   of   the   tall   cat   trees   or   they   can   make   their way   up   the   other   side   through   a   winding   series   of   steps.   They   like lounging under the canister ceiling lamps up there!
Victorian Parlor
Our    Victorian    Parlor    seems    to    be    a    kitty favorite.   Maybe   they   like   it   for   the   low   lighting with    the    wall    sconces    and    table    lamps. Maybe    they    like    it    for    the    little    fireplace. Whatever   the   reason,   that   room   also   attracts lots   of   visitors   who   claim   they   love   its   beauty and serenity.
Our   cheesy   little   fireplace   is   just   a   set of   fake   logs   over   an   amber   light   bulb that   heats   up   enough   to   rotate   some tinsel   to   simulate   flames. A   kitty   or   two has been known to nap on it.
Sometimes    they    jump    into laps   in   pairs.   It’s   twice   the cuddle factor!
If Cats Could Shop at Ikea
We   added   a   small   desk   with   a   touchscreen computer    where    we    showcase    pictures    of our   cats   and   some   videos.     The   leafy   cat   tree next   to   it   is   a   kitty   favorite.   We   sell   them   in The Charming Cat Cafe.
For   short,   we   call   it   the   “Ikea”   room,   but   we   put   it together     with     some     really     cool     pieces     and someone   thought   they   looked   like   they   came   from Ikea. Hence, we named the room! 
This   fun   little   room   has   two   surprisingly   comfortable acrylic   chairs   and   two   Hepper   pods,   which   the   kitties really   like;   they   snuggle   in   those   for   hours   and   watch people    go    by.   The    cat    tower    is    lots    of    fun    with    its scratchers, toys, boxes, and barrel at the top.  But   the   main   attraction   in   this   room   is   the   wheel.   You can’t    miss    it!    We’ve    had    some    cats    who    really    like running   on   it…even   without   the   enticement   of   a   feather toy. 
Tropical Paradise Room
One   of   our   largest   rooms,   this   is   right   next   to the     mall     area     that     features     a     wonderful,       soothing   fountain   plus   a   set   of   stairs   that   wrap around   that   mall   space.   Our   window   from   this room    is    right    against    those    stairs    and    the gurgling   of   the   fountain   sings   its   way   into   that room.    It    simply    had    to    become    our    tropical paradise. When   we   first   opened,   the   kitties   ignored   this room,   then   gradually,   it   became   a   favorite.   We tell   people   to   just   sit   down   in   there   for   a   while, and   a   cat   will   come   along   to   sit   down   with them.
Cardboard Box Room
Just   before   we   were   to   open,   we   ran   out   of   ideas   for defining   our   very   last   room.   It   was   a   small   room   and very   likely   would   be   dwarfed   by   much   in   the   way   of furniture.   So,   we   turned   to   something   that   had   piled up in the back -- a whole lot of cardboard boxes!
Some   kitties   enjoy   running   up and   down   the   stepped   ledges along the outside staircase. And   some   love   perching   at   the very top of the cat tree nearby.
Of    course,    it    had    to    happen.    Some kitties    are    attracted    to    the    running water   from   our Tiki   fountain. They   have their   very   own   running   water   fountain, but this one is probably more fun!
So,   our   final   room   was   one   where   our   visitors   could   get   the sense   of   what   it’s   like   to   be   a   cat   lounging   in   a   cardboard box. We    did    add    a    chair    for    bean-bag-shy    visitors.    Plus,    we discovered that the cats really like bean bag chairs!
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