Cat Cafe Helps Connect Felines to Forever Families  Brian Scott 12/31/2015 D-FW's first permanent cat cafe opens Dec. 5, and it's BYO food and drink   11/17/2015 The Charming Cat Corner's purrrfect opening in Lewisville   Photo Credits: Alexandra Olivia 12/13/2015 Charming Cat Corner opens at Vista Ridge Mall  Steve Southwell 12/05/2015 Cat café offers hands-on adoption right meow  Samantha Sullivan 02/04/2016 The Charming Cat Cafe Opens in Lewisville, TX  Grace Sydney 01/11/2016 Lewisville's Future Cat Cafe Launches $30K Kickstarter Campaign  Whitney Filloon Jul 30, 2015 Copyright 2019 Check out this cat paint 'n party in Lewisville, no kitten  Virginia Fay 08/09/2017 LIVE at The Charming Cat Cafe doing cat yoga!  Livestreamed on Facebook 07/29/2017 The Charming Cat Cafe  June 2016 The Charming Cat Cafe Arts and Entertainment  April 27, 2017 3 Great Cat Cafes in Texas You Need to Experience   Sally Grace Holtgrieve March 27, 2017 Come be a cool cat at The Charming Cat Corner  Megan Winkle Feb 2016 Lewisville Cat Cafe Offers Killy-Filled Yoga, Painting Sessions  Christina Ulsh 08/11/2017 This Cat Cafe is Kitty Paradise for the Cat-less  Trista Perot March 11, 2016 Cat Yoga Will Be In Lewisville Tomorrow Morning!  07/28/2017
YOGA   MEOW,   es   decir   Yoga   con   Gatos...   ¿habías   escuchado   de esta   modalidad?   En   esta   cápsula   te   muestro   un   poquito   de   qué   se trata.